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How Sorin Oprescu avoided arrest so far, using technology


From the report prepared by the prosecutors for the arrest of Sorin Oprescu, we find out how he used technology to avoid being caught.

UPDATE: Judges from the Bucharest Court of Appeal handed down the final sentence in the case in which the former mayor of the Capital, Sorin Oprescu, was sentenced, in the first instance, to 5 years and 4 months in prison with execution, for bribery, constitution of an organized criminal group and abuse of office. CAB definitively sentenced Sorin Oprescu to 10 years and 8 months with execution, read more HERE.

One of the most important news in recent days is the case of Sorin Oprescu, who is accused of taking bribes. Much more interesting than the huge sums he received from various projects are the methods used by the mayor of the capital to avoid arrest. According to HotNews, he had a device for jamming phones. Anyone who came to his home to discuss bribery was forced to leave his phone inside the device.

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Regarding the money received by Oprescu in 2013, 80% came from bribes collected for various contracts. The prosecutors’ report reveals an extremely strange behavior of the mayor. According to a whistleblower, Sorin Oprescu allegedly received a bribe in a cardboard box, normally used for gifts, placed under a pillow on his sofa. He was also extremely concerned about the possibility of being caught, which is why he asked visitors to make sure they were not being followed.

This is not the first time a mayor has used technology in illegal activities. As you probably remember, Gheorghe Nechita, the mayor of Iași, has also used spy applications installed on his phone in the past. Apparently, he then turned to a Local Police employee, who commissioned him to purchase special software that gave him access to almost any kind of information stored on a device. The application was installed on the phone of the mayor’s mistress, and for a while, Nechita was able to check not only her location, via GPS, but also photos, videos, e-mails, SMS, messages via Skype and via WhatsApp. You can see a complete list of spyware HERE.

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How a jammer works

A signal blocking device works in a relatively simple way: it transmits a signal on the same radio frequencies that the terminal uses, thus blocking communication between it and the GSM towers and initiating a “denial of service” attack. Specifically, the signal from the jammer must be strong enough to cancel the signal from the phone. In the event of interference, telephones are programmed to add more power to the signal, and jamming devices must be able to detect this in order to cancel it.

Phones use two different frequencies: one to talk and one to listen. However, some jammers block only one of them. Under these conditions, the phones are “tricked” and will show that there is no signal. The most complex jamming devices, however, affect all frequencies at the same time, in order to have an effect on phones that switch various networks to have a signal.

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