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How to stop Google from making more money from you, personalizing your ads – the simple solution


From the moment you accessed the first page of the internet, you became a gold mine for giants like Google or Facebook. Thanks to the aggregate data from your online business, you are the product from which these companies get rich.

The good news is that if you have a problem with the monetization of your business by third parties, you can do something about it. You will not necessarily get rid of the ads, but at least you will be sure that the ones that are displayed to you are no longer personalized according to “your face and likeness”, they are no longer directly influenced by the sites you access, the products on that you buy them and so on. To do this, DuckDuckGo has created a Google Chrome extension, which you can download here.

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Google’s DuckDuckGo extension

DuckDuckGo has had an extension for Chrome for some time to increase online privacy, but has just updated it to block two new ad creative mechanisms from Google. The two targeting algorithms that were blocked are part of the new Google Privacy Sandbox strategy.

According to data provided by DuckDuckGo in a post on the official blog, the updated Chrome extension does a very good job of blocking Google Topics and Fledge. Moreover, it can completely disable the so-called Privacy Sandbox.

If the wording in question is foreign to you, it is worth noting that the Privacy Sandbox initiative has been defined from the beginning as an alternative to the cookies that follow you in every corner of the internet. You are still being monitored in order to personalize the ads that are displayed to you, but put a little more emphasis on privacy. Even so, the solution has been sharply criticized by regulatory experts and privacy lawyers. Not only that, but “Google Chrome will continue to monitor your online activity and share information about you with advertisers and third parties to target you without your consent,” Peter Dolanjski, chief of staff, explained in a post. product of DuckDuckGo.

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