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Huawei, between hot and cold: you can download paid applications for free, and the developers are angry


Huawei is once again in the midst of a major scandal due to its ignorance of a vulnerability in AppGallery, the manufacturer’s alternative to Google Play and the Apple AppStore.

Dylan Roussel is an Android app developer and Huawei AppGallery user. In February this year, it reported to the Chinese giant a vulnerability by which users could download paid applications from the company’s virtual store without paying. The problem is very serious, given that it weakens the confidence of developers in the platform, in the context in which they lose money every day.

Huawei, the subject of a new scandal

After being left without access to Google services due to restrictions imposed by the US authorities, Huawei also seems to alienate the developers who decided to embrace the new platform for smartphones and tablets.

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Not for nothing, but no one wants to try to sell an application, and an ordinary user, without very advanced technical knowledge, to download it without paying. The most important part of Dylan Roussel’s discovery is that, without a doubt, the problem is with the AppGallery API, by Huawei, not by the developers.

Worse, the smartphone maker has been ignoring the issue since February, a detail that could lead to the withdrawal of several developers from its online store. It doesn’t help that we are talking about another big image problem that stains Huawei’s “rehabilitation” efforts in the eyes of the general public.

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Although there is no update for AppGallery within three months of the initial reporting, and the vulnerability can still be exploited at this time, Huawei has at least acknowledged the issue and assigned a registration number. Officials also offered a generous sum of money to Dylan Roussel for his gesture, but he refused to receive it, “for personal reasons.”

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