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Huawei wants to digitize Europe: what plans do the Chinese have?


All Digital, Huawei and EY have launched a study on digital skills, a joint effort to raise awareness of the skills gap in the field at EU level.

The study was presented at a launch event in front of a community of experts on 27 April 2022 at the Solvay Library in Brussels.

“Every European citizen can benefit from initiatives to improve and retrain in terms of digital skills. No matter how skilled and experienced we are, each of us lacks certain digital skills, as the questionnaire shows. We need to act now and take concrete action, based on an integrated approach, to stimulate lifelong learning by combining technological, social and emotional skills, ”said Carlos Zorrihno, Member of the European Parliament.

While the study explores the root causes of the deficit in depth, the questionnaire raises awareness of digital shortcomings and allows for a broader understanding of the situation. The study also reveals possible solutions and concrete actions that decision-makers can take to reduce the gap in these competencies.

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“We need a stronger impetus and additional investment to improve digital skills so that people can develop the skills they need as soon as possible if we are to successfully and effectively achieve the goal of digital and green transition. Governments, industry and those responsible for education and training should work closely together to achieve this, ”added Chiara Riondino, Head of the European Commission’s Vocational Education and Training Unit.

The study is structured around five specific areas of interest

● Improving and increasing ICT education and learning opportunities

● Prioritizing talent within companies: improvement / retraining

● Encourage and support women working in the field of ICT

● Stimulating the creation of collaborative ecosystems in the field of digital skills

● Investments in the digitization of public services

“The study of digital skills in Europe is an extremely valuable report, highlighting strategies and initiatives to address the digital skills gap at EU level. The document pays special attention to industry action and decision-making so that young Europeans can acquire the skills they need to succeed in the modern digital economy, ”said Peter Palvolgyi, Chief Executive Officer at All Digital.

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“We work with our partners around the world to develop a more robust digital talent ecosystem and to promote wider digital inclusion. We believe that digital talent will play a key role in promoting the digital economy. We will invest € 150 million in digital skills development programs over the next five years and expect to support over three million people. We want to offer everyone the benefits of digital technology, “said Tony Jin, Huawei’s chief representative for the European institutions.

The EU study is one of four series of studies dedicated to talent, which includes Spain, South Africa and China.

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