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Impressive presence at the Night of Museums: 321,053 visitors throughout the country, of which 82,629 visitors in Bucharest – PHOTO


At this moment, after the centralization of the data provided by the representatives of 121 of the 260 objectives connected to the national circuit, the attendance figure was 321,053 visitors throughout the country, of which 82,629 visitors only in Bucharest (where they were collected data from 32 of the 64 spaces activated by Museum Night), according to a statement to RNMR.

The second largest public presence was recorded in the city of Iaşi, with 34,647 registered visitors for all museums under the administration of the National Museum Complex “Moldova” Iaşi, 13,082 visitors for those of the Museum of Romanian Literature in Iaşi and 18,847 visitors for those of the Municipal Museum “Regina Maria” from Iasi.

In Cluj-Napoca, an impressive presence of visitors was registered at the Art Museum (16,800), as well as at the headquarters of the Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania (5,447).

A record and a surprise presence in the top of the visit was registered in Neamţ County, where the 14 museums of the Museum Complex here reported a number of visits of 35,000 people.

In Suceava, the 5 objectives of the Museum of Bucovina enjoyed the presence of 13,909 visitors.

In Dâmboviţa County, the museums managed by the “Curtea Domnească” National Museum Complex were visited by 10,738 visitors.

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The ASTRA Museum in Sibiu, the only participating museum in this city, reported a visit rate of 11,311 people, being constantly one of the most visited museum sites in the country on the occasion of Museum Night and more.

Returning to Bucharest, remarkable numbers of visits were recorded at the Arc de Triomphe (11,000 visitors), the National Museum of Geology (17,195 visitors), the National Museum of Natural History “Grigore Antipa” (7,851 visitors) and the Museum National of the Romanian Peasant (over 6,000 visitors). The museums of Bucharest were visited, cumulatively, by 9,323 visitors, and those of the National Museum of Romanian Literature by 6,700 visitors. At the Pandemic Museum, a project of the National Network of Museums in Romania, 1,144 visitors were registered.

According to RNMR, many museums in cities across the country have had unprecedented numbers in the history of their participation, such as in Calarasi, Vaslui, Deva, Buzau, Constanta, Galati or Brasov. In Alba Iulia, the National Museum of the Union confirmed the expectations with approximately 10,000 visitors. It was also the first time that tickets issued free of charge were sold out in 2-3 hours in many situations in the country, and this made it difficult for visitors to count and register, which is why we are convinced that the rates visits were higher than those reported by many museums.

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The National Network of Museums in Romania thanked “especially the project team, which made a huge effort to better organize this event, which has become a cultural and social phenomenon (Dan Mihalcea – IT service, Andrei Tache – graphics, Oana Drăgulinescu and Carmen Macavei – communication, as well as friends from Braga Boierească, who supported the energy of visitors with the specially created braga, Bragagizantul), but also to all the media representatives with whose help we reached the homes of every Romanian also promoted a cultural event in Romania “.

The 18th edition is the first of its kind funded exclusively by the National Network of Museums in Romania. The Noaptea Muzeelor ​​brand has never had the support or thanks of the representatives of the Romanian state.
Initiated by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, sponsored by the Council of Europe, UNESCO and the International Council of Museums, the event is organized nationally by the National Network of Museums in Romania (RNMR), being anticipated and enthusiastically received by the public. date.

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