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In metavers you will be able to talk to the deceased: what is the “Live Forever” function that offers immortality


Somnium Space is developing a way for people to talk to their loved ones even after they die, in metavers. All it takes is massive amounts of personal data. Sychov is the CEO and founder of Somnium Space, one of the many versions of the metaverse that has sprouted in recent years. Unlike many of its competitors, Somnium Space is already compatible with virtual reality headphones, allowing for a captivating 3D experience.

Sychov’s father’s death served as inspiration for an idea he came to call “Live Forever,” a future feature in Somnium Space that allows people to have their movements and conversations stored as data, then duplicated as an avatar. he moves, speaks, and sounds just like them — and he can continue to do so long after death. Sychov wants people to be able to talk to the deceased loved one whenever they want.

“Literally, if I die – and I have this data collected – my people or children can come, come in and have a conversation with my avatar, my movements, my voice,” he told Vice. “You will meet that person. And maybe in the first ten minutes of talking to that person, you wouldn’t know that it’s actually an artificial intelligence algorithm. That is the purpose. “

How will you talk to your grandparents, even after they die, in metavers

For Sychov, these are the kind of potential innovations that make metavers a new arena of human experience worth investing in. “They think metavers are about selling NFTs and brands that sell their products, but it’s not about that,” he said. “It’s much deeper.”

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The moment of Sychov’s revelation came when he realized the amazing potential of virtual reality data collection, a technology he called “magic” when he talked about it. “The amount of data we could record about you is probably a magnitude, I would say realistically, a hundred to three hundred times more than when you’re on a cell phone,” he said.

Virtual reality technology can collect the way your fingers, mouth, eyes and whole body move and can quickly identify you “more accurately than fingerprints”, according to Sychov.

Available research supports his claims. An October 2020 study published in Nature, for example, found that after less than five minutes of tracking human body movements, virtual reality technology could identify someone with 95% accuracy out of a group of 500 of people. “That’s why VR is so powerful,” he said. “You won’t fool her.”

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Let’s hope that this function will not be more of a delusion, more than a joy.

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