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Instagram is testing new features: how to change the app


Instagram will test some additional changes to the main feed, including more recommendations.

Additional content in accounts that you don’t follow will appear in the default algorithmic flow “based on what you like”. It’s unclear how many of these suggested posts you’ll see, though Instagram says the experience will be personalized and take into account things like the number of accounts you follow and how often you use the app, according to Engadget.

This is not a big surprise, as Instagram has put more emphasis on recommendations. Posting photos and videos from people you don’t follow could increase engagement, but Instagram risks annoying people who want a better organized experience, centered around friends, family, and everything they post.

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What’s changing on Instagram

That being said, Instagram promises to give people more ways to personalize their app experience over time. Two more streams were introduced in the application in March. The “Following” function shows the posts in the accounts that you follow in reverse chronological order. “Favorites”, meanwhile, allows you to follow up to 50 accounts more closely. You can switch between feeds by tapping the Instagram icon in the upper left corner.

Instagram is also testing some changes to the way feeds are displayed in feeds. It is said that the posts will look “full screen”. In addition, it plans to make the videos more prominent.

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The new view shows how Stories are presented, based on an image shared by Instagram. Username, profile photo, and caption are placed above the post, as are likes, comments, and sharing icons. The tabs will still be displayed at the bottom of the screen. The stories will remain at the top of the stream, but as is the case now, they will be hidden once you start scrolling.

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