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Internet for everyone, in Romania: the law that will help millions of Romanians to be online


While all students in Romania should have switched to online pandemic classes, in reality, many of them did not have access to the Internet, especially in rural areas. A new law aims to remedy this situation.

Within a maximum of three years, all local and central government authorities are required to connect to the Internet all buildings they own or have under their administration and which are intended to provide public services. Moreover, they will be obliged to develop an infrastructure that will allow the installation of public internet networks, so that all Romanians have all the conditions to be online. These are the main provisions of a project adopted by the Parliament, after the final vote of the Senate.

What does the “Internet for the whole of Romania” initiative mean

The new project was adopted by the Chamber of Deputies in March of this year and enjoyed the support of all parliamentarians, independent of the party, under the motto “Internet for all of Romania”.

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Basically, it is wanted to transform the access to a functional broadband internet service, through a fixed point connection, into a right for Romanians. According to the document, the implementation part should take place over the next three years.

During this time, public authorities, regardless of how they are funded, will be required to be connected “to a public electronic communications network capable of providing internet services, data transfer speeds and other quality conditions tailored to specific needs,” all the buildings which they own or manage and which have as their main purpose the provision of public services, if these buildings are within the reach of at least one network capable of providing the necessary internet services ”.

Part of the effort aimed at individuals will fall to ANCOM, but also to other authorities in the central public administration. The latter will aim to address the lack of broadband internet access in many localities in Romania.

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According to the document adopted in the Parliament, the local public administration authorities will be able to allow free access, in a non-discriminatory way, on the public or private property they own or have in their administration, in order to install public electronic communications networks or physical infrastructure elements. intended for the installation of such networks.

The same legislative document mentions that ANCOM will periodically publish, at least annually, on its website, the list of areas where there is no access to the services provided. From the moment of publication of that list, the local public administration authorities in whose territorial area of ​​competence the areas without access are located, will have to adopt, within 120 days from the date of communication by ANCOM, a plan of measures to facilitate the extension public electronic communications networks in those areas, indicating the deadlines for implementing the proposed measures.

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