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Interpol warns that more and more weapons for Ukraine will fall into the hands of criminals in Europe


A large number of weapons sent to Ukraine will end up in the hands of criminals in Europe and beyond, the Interpol director general said on Wednesday, urging states to take an interest in pursuing these weapons, AFP reported.

“The high availability of weapons during the current conflict will lead to the proliferation of illicit weapons in the post-conflict phase,” German Jürgen Stock told the Anglo-American Press Association in Paris, where he moved from Lyon, Interpol headquarters.

“Criminals are already focusing on this right now,” he said. .

Western allies in Kiev have sent tons of military equipment to Ukraine, which has been trying for more than three months to repel Russian forces, which are already controlling areas of its territory in the east and south.

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Those weapons sent to Ukraine can easily fall into the hands of criminals in Europe, especially after their supplementation by the US

On Tuesday, US President Joe Biden announced that the United States would “provide Ukrainians with more advanced missile systems and ammunition that would allow them to hit key targets on the Ukrainian battlefield more accurately.”

But “even the weapons that are used by the army, the heavy weapons, will be available on the criminal market”, warned Stock, according to agerpres.ro.

“We are already encouraging member states (of Interpol, n.red) – we have a database on the exchange of information on weapons – to use these databases because no region or country can handle this alone,” he continued.

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“The criminals I’m talking about are operating globally, so these weapons will be traded on the continents,” said the Interpol CEO.

The conflict in Ukraine has also led to an increase in “large-scale theft of fertilizers as well as an increase in counterfeit agrochemicals because these products have increased in value,” he said, as well as an increase in fuel theft. in Europe ”for the same reason.

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