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iOS 16 helps you understand who and how is tracking you on your iPhone, what it knows about you


IPhone Safety Check allows users to quickly review contacts who may have access to their location or calendar information.

Apple is expanding its personal security features in iOS 16 with Safety Check, a new feature designed to make it easier to lock your privacy and security settings. This feature allows users to quickly review which contacts can access their location or calendar information, as well as the permissions used by individual applications.

How Safety Check works on iPhone

Therefore, the feature is formatted in a checklist to make it easier to review and revoke application-by-application or contact-by-contact access. The company said that this feature could have a special impact on people trying to escape from an abusive relationship. In addition to the checklist, there is an “emergency reset” that allows users to log out of iCloud, block privacy settings, and limit incoming messages to only “device in hand.”

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The update comes after Apple faced widespread control over AirTag-enabled tracking features, which have since been linked to dozens of reported tracking incidents.

In other news, Apple has released a study to show how well the economy of iPhone applications works in its current format. According to this study by Analysis Group, the iOS application ecosystem currently supports over 2.2 million jobs in the United States alone. Thus, the income of small developers has increased by 118% in the last two years.

As a reference, the USA is in second place in the ranking of countries where the incomes of small developers have increased the most. The US was overtaken by France, where these revenues have increased by 122% in the last two years.

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