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IPS Teodosie is “fire and pear” and: We are a few hours away from the most infamous moment in the history of the last decades


IPS Teodosie broke out again in the public space after hearing the news of the demolition of a church in Constanța.

A few hours separate us from the most infamous moment in the history of the last decades, through which it seems that the faithful from ancient Tomis, that of the demolition of a church, must pass, says IPS Teodosie, Archbishop of Tomis, in a letter addressed to the mayor of Constanța.

The letter was addressed to the mayor Vergil Chițac, “considering the imminent demolition of the church in Constanța, according to a communiqué of the Tomis Archdiocese.

“We are separated by a few hours from the most infamous moment in the history of the last decades, through which it seems that the faithful of ancient Tomis, that of the demolition of a church, must pass, which is why I address your lordship on behalf of the clergy and the people three hundred thousand), which by the mercy of the Lord were entrusted to us for pastoral care “, the letter states.

According to IPS Teodosie, the Romanian nation does not only mean an amorphous mass, called an offensive population, it is not just the sum of some individuals, but much more.

“The nation means a sublime, spiritual fabric between those asleep in our families, the saints and heroes of our nation, those present, the babies in their mothers’ wombs, and those who will be born into the world we leave behind. What kind of world do we leave to our distinguished children, Mr. Mayor? What will our name, or yours, go down in history as the mayor and senior military officer who swore to give his life for his people if we desert? I ask you, dear mayor, as a military commander, if the law required you, would you direct your weapons against your own people? I would not have dared to ask you such a question if I were not in this situation in which you force me to demolish a church, to endanger the souls of the spiritual sons, entrusted to us by God “, the high prelate tells the mayor.

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He says thousands of children have been baptized and thousands of families have been baptized in the church.

“Consider your Excellency, Mr. Mayor, as the one who told me that you were chosen by the people of Constanta to respect the law, if we should demolish a Holy Altar, where thousands of Holy Masses were celebrated, where they were founded thousands of families through the Sacrament of Marriage, where thousands of children were baptized, finally, where thousands of souls were saved by sharing in the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. I did not ask you, mayor, to break the law, God forbid, but I asked you to support the people as believers, those who chose you to defend them, to move the place of worship to a nearby area. A piece of land, a few hundred meters away, was not found in our city to move the Holy Altar “, the letter also states.

His Eminence Theodosius claims that only someone with a soul tumor could not understand the ethos of the people he belongs to, the beauty of the soul, the humility, but also the courage in the faith of the Romanian people.

“Perhaps you will say that believers are not soldiers, they are not an army. I will answer you that our hymn, which is our creed and our identity, urges the priests with the cross on their foreheads, for the army is Christian. I can only be trusted with the truth that you too are a Christian, a Christian commander. Will you order the army to fire on its own people? To be honest, we’d rather die than tear down a church. What an iniquity we have committed by sanctifying a Holy Altar, why should we now receive such a punishment? If this sanction were directed against me personally, I would gladly receive the injustice, but when the punishment is directed against Christians, I should not turn my face away, pretending not to see, but I must also lay down my life for the Truth. And, the truth, Mr. Mayor, is not a philosophical idea, but it is a Person, that is, Christ “, also wrote the Archbishop of Tomis, transmits jurnalul.ro.

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His Eminence Theodosius opposes the demolition of a church, but is angry with the mayor for not keeping his word on relocating it

He claims that he accepted the relocation of this church, following the promise of the mayor, according to which he will identify a plot of land on which to move the Holy Altar.

“The word was not kept, but we are ordered to demolish the church in a few days. The summons is as unfair as it is immoral. Ordering us to demolish a church with our own hands is worse than asking you to surrender without a fight. () Dear Mr. Mayor, receive these words as a humble prayer that we offer to God to give you the courage and the strength in your heart to be over time and not to associate your name with such a shocking arbitrariness as this to demolish the Izvorul Tămăduirii Church ”, IPS Teodosie also claims.

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