Home News Israel believes that a military conflict between Russia and Ukraine is unlikely

Israel believes that a military conflict between Russia and Ukraine is unlikely


Israel, through its government, considers a military conflict between Russia and Ukraine unlikely to break out soon, seeming to downplay warnings from the United States and Britain about the imminence of a Russian military invasion.

Israeli Secretary of State Antony Blinken called Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid on Monday and called on him to call on Russia to reduce tensions. But the Israeli government said on Wednesday it did not consider a military conflict between Russia and Ukraine imminent. “At the moment, the Israeli assessment is that we do not see any violent confrontation any time soon. And I don’t think a world war will break out there, “Yair Lapid was quoted as saying by Axios.com on Wednesday.

The Israeli foreign minister stressed that Israel is in a complicated situation, as Russia has the second largest ethnic Jewish community in the world, while the fifth largest Jewish community is in Ukraine. “In the Russia-Ukraine crisis, we must act with greater caution than any other country,” Yair Lapid said. Instead, the Israeli foreign minister expressed concern that the current crisis between Russia and Ukraine will divert public attention from the negotiations on the relaunch of the Iran Nuclear Agreement. Yair Lapid appeared to criticize the US approach to Israel’s security issues. “We would like the United States to pay more attention to this issue to prevent dangerous things from happening,” said Yair Lapid. Negotiations between Iran and the major powers, including the United States, on the relaunch of the Iranian nuclear deal have been suspended for about a week on Friday, and delegations will present the status of talks and await political decisions.

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Israel contradicts the United States and Britain, believing that a military conflict between Russia and Ukraine will take place soon

The United States and Britain say Russia is preparing a military attack on Ukraine and have decided to supplement troops in Eastern Europe. President Vladimir Putin has accused the West of plunging Russia into a military conflict and imposing massive economic sanctions.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called on the West not to panic over the risks of a military conflict, arguing that although the likelihood of a Russian military attack exists, it is not higher than it was in 2021. According to a Kiev official quoted by CNN’s Volodymyr Zelensky had a heated argument with US President Joseph Biden during a conversation about the “risk level” of a Russian attack, and the conversation “did not go well.” Joseph Biden warned the president of Ukraine that a Russian attack would be a “clear possibility”, but Volodymyr Zelensky replied that the situation remained “dangerous but ambiguous”, so he was not sure that there would be an attack, according to dcnews.ro .

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The European Union has also suggested that the United States and Britain “dramatize” the situation. Brussels has announced the retention of diplomatic personnel in Kiev, moving away from the positions of the United States and Britain, which have reduced the number of diplomats and evacuated relatives of diplomatic officials. “We will not do this because we do not know any specific reason. There is no need to dramatize the situation, “said Josep Borrell Fontelles, the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, last week.

Russia is accused of mobilizing about 100,000 troops near Ukraine’s borders, and the Kiev administration fears an invasion or coup. The Vladimir Putin administration demands assurances that the North Atlantic Alliance will not continue to expand eastward and argues that a return to security architecture prior to 1997 is needed, so NATO must withdraw troops and military equipment, including from Romania and Bulgaria.

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