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Jerusalem Post: Ukraine interested in escalating Transnistrian conflict


In the context of the latest attacks on Transnistrian territory, a number of relatives of the Zelenski regime argued that the Republic of Moldova should get involved in the Transnistrian conflict, a cold war that has been frozen for decades. The Jerusalem Post writes about the arsenal in the village of Cobasna, left over from World War II.

Several experts say that in Cobasna, the Russians have the largest ammunition depot in Europe.

“Russia has been using Transnistria, Moldova’s pro-Russian separatist region, to smuggle ammunition for years, and that could have implications for Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine,” the Ukrainian intelligence agency said on Friday. (GUR), according to Vadim Skibitsky, an official of the Kyiv Ministry of Defense.

Transnistria, also known as the Pridnestrovian Republic of Moldova and located on the border with Ukraine, is a de facto separatist state. It was annexed to Moldova in 1990, initially as an attempt to remain part of the Soviet Union, should the rest of Moldova gain independence, the newspaper said. Fighting between Moldovans and separatists followed the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

According to Balkan Insight, Russia has about 1,600 troops in Transnistria, divided into peacekeeping troops. There would also be the Russian Troops Task Force.

Every year, these Russian forces organize exercises to simulate defense and counter-offensive operations.

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Ukraine interested in escalating conflict in Transnistria

According to Skibitsky, the arsenal would have several tons of ammunition left in the area since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Some are being traded illegally, the official said.

This announcement is due to increased tensions in the area. The Israeli newspaper claims that the Ukrainians fired several shots from Ukraine at Cobasna.

Earlier this week, Pravda claimed that the Transnistrian Ministry of Defense had ordered the mobilization of all men between the ages of 18 and 55 to “restore the peacekeeping contingent,” which effectively means rebuilding its military force.

The Kiev source also says that there are concerns that Russia will use this contingent to attack Ukraine or even the Republic of Moldova.

Kievan security guards see things differently

Ukraine has repeatedly accused Russia of trying to organize fake flag attacks in the region. There are concerns in Kyiv that the separatist region will become the beginning of another conflicting front.

“The terrorist acts committed on the territory of Transnistria were aimed at forcing the Transnistrian leadership to accept the expansion of the presence of Russian troops,” the GUR said, adding that the attacks -European. The main goal is to keep the region completely under Moscow’s control, as it has been trying to do for 30 years. “

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While Transnistria said it did not intend to join the conflict, reports from the Ukrainian secret services since the beginning of the Russian invasion indicated that part of Russia’s plan was to create a land corridor linking Russia, Donbas, Crimea and Transnistria.

According to Skibitsky, “everything happening now in Transnistria is now under the control of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB).”

Maia Sandu, pressed to enter the conflict

La impulsionările pe căi semi-oficiale ale administrației de la Kiev, de pregătire a armatei Republicii Moldovei, președintele pro-occidental de la Chișinău, Maia Sandu, a recunoscut zilele trecute că “țara nu este pregătită de război și nu are o armată în stare de luptă.

“For 30 years, the Moldovan army has been without equipment, without means ready for battle. We are now aware of the consequences, “she said.

Sandu added that Moldova “does not have an effective shield against threats because it has not developed adequate military potential, has not created critical infrastructure elements and has not cultivated social resilience.”

Maia Sandu denied the information that the Romanian army would deploy troops in Moldova: “There are no Romanian soldiers and armies on the territory of our country.”

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