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Kaspersky, the first blow from the Romanian authorities, in the context of the war in Ukraine


Kaspersky receives the first sanctions in Romania, in the context of the war started by the Russian Federation, in Ukraine, more than two months ago.

Specifically, the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization plans to ban the use of antivirus solutions from Kaspersky in public institutions in our country. Romania is not the only country in the European Union that makes such decisions.

The war in Ukraine, the main reason why Kaspersky receives these sanctions in our country

Clearly, the initiative of the ministry is based on the war in Ukraine, as we mentioned earlier in this article, and refers to the ban on the purchase of products and services from Russia, but also their use, from now on, in within public institutions.

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“The presence of Russian antivirus software solutions may represent a vulnerability to cyber security of the Romanian authorities and institutions, in the context in which the Russian Federation uses cyber attacks against Western states and uses its Russian national companies and citizens, by various methods, in war against Ukraine, in violation of all relevant rules of international law “, said representatives of the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization, adding that” the legislative measure is initiated in a wider European context in which EU Member States have “Kaspersky Lab” and “Group-IB” services because there is information that the two entities allow the Russian government to penetrate the computer systems and networks in which the software programs are installed, the document also states.

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The full bill can be found here.

Moreover, the institutions that will not give up Kaspersky, within the stipulated term, risk fines ranging from 50,000 lei to 200,000 lei. They will have 45 days to resolve this inconvenience, from the entry into force of the law.

Uninstalling or disconnecting Kaspersky solutions will be done by those who installed them, ie by qualified staff within the institutions.

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