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Kiev mayor says all European payments to Russia are in fact “bloody”


Kiev’s mayor has urged European politicians to sever all trade ties with Moscow, saying on Tuesday (April 5th) that all payments to Russia were “bloody money” that would fuel what he called a “Ukrainian genocide”. Moscow has rejected reports of crimes against civilians in Bucha, calling them “fakes” meant to discredit Russia.

The United States and Europe are planning new sanctions after dead civilians were found in recaptured satellite towns near Kyiv, including a shallow mass grave in Bucha, but Russian gas exports to Europe continue, according to Reuters.

“Every euro, every penny you receive from Russia or send to Russia has blood, it’s bloody money and the blood of that money is Ukrainian blood, the blood of the Ukrainian people,” said Vitali Klitschko, dressed in military clothes, at a conference of mayors in Geneva via video link.

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Kiev’s mayor says payments to Russia mean support for Ukraine’s bloodthirsty aggressors

“You can’t be half pregnant. Now the war is black and white. Are you for peace and support Ukraine or do you support the aggressors, Russia? ” he told politicians.

Russia has denied any allegations of killing civilians and said it would provide “empirical evidence” at a UN Security Council meeting on Tuesday to show that its forces were not involved.

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