Home News Lebanese celebrate after preliminary results of first parliamentary elections since economic crisis

Lebanese celebrate after preliminary results of first parliamentary elections since economic crisis


Lebanese voted Sunday in the first parliamentary elections since the country’s economic collapse, with many saying they hope to hit the government politicians they blame for the crisis, even if the chances of major change seem slim.

The election is seen as a test of whether Hezbollah, a military-backed organization backed by Iran and its allies, can keep its majority in the legislature amid growing poverty and anger at ruling parties, according to Reuters.

On Sunday night, people blew up in the southern Lebanese city of Sidon amid joy for the candidates whose preliminary election results showed they had won.

The Lebanese celebrated after the first parliamentary elections, although the official final results had not yet appeared

Further south, in Nabatieh, convoys for Hezbollah and Amal supporters roamed the streets, and in Beirut, Lebanese Christian Forces supporters filled the sky above them with fireworks.

Votes were still being counted on Monday morning, amid unofficial results overnight.
Turnout was 41%, excluding 60 out of 1,752 polling stations, according to Interior Ministry figures, showing a lower turnout than in 2018, when the figure was around 50%.

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The Lebanese have had a cold, harsh winter for that area amid a severe economic crisis that has left them without diesel.

With the snow hitting Lebanon, many can no longer afford the diesel that provides them with heat, in addition to the daily challenges that have brought the country into economic crisis.

The last thing they need: Lebanon is witnessing severe snowstorms this winter, amid an economic crisis that has pushed many people into poverty and left them unable to afford diesel to heat their homes.

Here in Kfarshouba, a remote village in southern Lebanon, Miled Nohra had to rely on the local forest because his earnings in local currency are almost worthless.
“I use wood this winter because I can’t afford diesel. A barrel of diesel is very expensive, it costs $ 145, and they only accept dollars, while I earn in Lebanese pounds, “Reuters reports.
Residents say storms have blocked roads, making it difficult to get food and medicine from larger cities.

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Lebanese have a cold winter, and are running out of diesel due to the economic crisis that has affected the country

The head of the municipality, Hachem al-Kadiri, says people are fighting.
“The situation was already bad before the arrival of snow, with coronavirus, rising prices, lack of diesel, rising exchange rates and declining purchasing power of citizens. Then came the snow. and the people and the municipality are suffering from a fuel crisis. People need at least one barrel a month to keep warm in this very cold weather. ”

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