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LIVE UPDATE Russia – Ukraine, day 101: Ambassador to Ankara says Turkey buys stolen wheat from Russian Federation


UPDATE, 14:14: Russian forces launched a missile attack on an agricultural complex in the Odessa region this morning, writes BBC.

According to initial reports, two people were injured, said Sergei Bratciuk, a spokesman for the military administration of the Odessa region, in a post on Telegram, taken over by Interfax.

UPDATE, 10:58: The war with Russia could last between two and six months, Ukrainian presidential adviser Mihailo Podoliak was quoted as saying by the dpa.

“This (war – no.) Could take between two and six months,” Podoliak said in an interview with Russian opposition portal Medusa on Friday night.

In his opinion, one of the main factors is the capacity of arms stocks. Another key factor is how the mood could change in Europe, Ukraine and Russia.

Peace talks will take place only if the situation on the ground changes and Russia no longer has the impression that it can impose its conditions, he added.

Podoliak warned that possible territorial concessions to Russia would not end the war. Some cities, such as Mariupol and now Severodonetsk, where fierce fighting is now taking place, simply do not exist, he said.

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The Ukrainian presidential adviser has estimated Russia’s losses at about 80,000 so far. This figure includes the deaths of the regular army, pro-Russian separatists and Wagnerian mercenaries.

Podoliak said that after a disastrous start for Moscow, with up to 1,000 deaths a day, the current losses of Russian and Ukrainian troops are “comparable.”

UPDATE, 09:19: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said he is confident of victory.

“Exactly 100 days ago, we woke up to a new reality,” Zelenski said in a video in front of his official residence in Kyiv.

He described the experience of the war in terms of new words that Ukrainians need to learn. These include some terrible ones like missiles, ruins and deportation.

However, Zelenski stressed that his country is fighting for peace and victory.

Ukraine’s ambassador to Ankara, Vasil Bodnar, has accused Russia of “stealing” and exporting grain from neighboring countries, especially to Turkey.

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“Russia is shamelessly stealing Ukrainian grain and exporting it from Crimea abroad, especially to Turkey,” Vasil Bodnar said in a Twitter message.

“We have asked Turkey for help in resolving the issue,” he said.

The representative of Kiev, who spoke on the occasion of the 100th day since the invasion of his country by Russia, drew up a general assessment of the losses suffered by his country and the damage caused by the Russian army.

Ukraine was on the verge of becoming the world’s third largest exporter of wheat before the war, providing only half of the world’s trade in sunflower seeds and oil.

Turkey is considered an ally of Ukraine to which it supplies combat drones, but Ankara is careful to maintain a neutral position vis-à-vis Russia, on which it depends for energy and grain supplies, to propose a mediation between the two countries, writes Agerpres.

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