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LIVE UPDATE Russia – Ukraine, day 48: Putin’s army prepares for a new assault in the east


UPDATE, 14 o’clock: 35: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called on the European Union to impose sanctions on all Russian banks and Russian oil and to set a timetable for giving up gas imports from Russia.

“It simply came to our notice then. We need strong decisions, and the EU must take them now. The EU must sanction Russian oil and banks. Each Member State must set a deadline by which it will refuse or limit (Russian) energy resources such as gas, ”he said in a videoconference speech in the Lithuanian Parliament.

“Only then will the Russian government understand that they must seek peace, that the war is turning into a catastrophe for them,” he said.

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Zelenski also said that wherever they went, Russian soldiers behaved in the same way as in Bucea. Russian forces are accused of killing many civilians in the city near Kyiv, although the Kremlin denies it and says it is all a Ukrainian scam.

The Ukrainian president also said that Russia had deported hundreds of thousands of people from the occupied regions of Ukraine to “filter camps”.

Moscow has not yet commented on the latest allegations, but generally denies targeting and abusing civilians in the conflict.

The European Commission is preparing proposals for a possible embargo on Russian oil as part of a new round of sanctions, EU foreign ministers said, but there is still no agreement in the EU bloc.

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Russian forces are regrouping for a new assault they are preparing in eastern Ukraine, warns the British military intelligence service.

President Volodymyr Zelensky urges Ukrainians to prepare for even stronger Russian attacks.

There were strong explosions in Nikolaev, a city in southern Ukraine, which people say is the strongest blast they have witnessed since the start of the war.

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