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LIVE UPDATE Russia – Ukraine, day 94: neighboring country asks Germany to stop gas supplies via Nord Stream 1


UPDATE, 12 o’clock:43:Russian troops in Donbas are likely to try to force a new Siverski Donets River, according to the latest report on the Ukrainian war by the British Defense Ministry after Putin’s army captured most of the city of Liman, located in northern Donetsk region.

Liman is a strategic city, being an important railway junction, which allows access to several road and railway bridges over the Siverski Donet River.

Currently, Moscow’s main effort is to focus on the Russian-created bag around Severodonetsk, which it is trying to completely encircle.

UPDATE, 08:34: Russia should cooperate in International Criminal Court (ICC) investigation into alleged war crimes committed since Moscow invaded Ukraine, CPI prosecutor told AFP in The Hague on Friday Karim Khan.

“The invitation exists. My door is open and I will continue to knock on the door of the Russian Federation, “said Karim Khan.

“If there are accusations from the Russian Federation, if there is information in their possession, if they are conducting their own investigations or prosecutions or if they have relevant information, please share it with us,” he added.

The British lawyer also insisted that those guilty of war crimes could be brought to justice, although he refused to say whether President Vladimir Putin could one day be among the suspects.

Neither Russia nor Ukraine are members of the ICC, but Kiev has accepted the Court’s jurisdiction and is cooperating with the prosecutor’s office in investigating possible war crimes and crimes against humanity committed on its territory.

Four days after the Russian invasion, the ICC prosecutor announced an investigation into the situation in Ukraine, which has since received a green light from dozens of states parties to the ICC. However, Russia claims that war crimes allegations are false, and President Putin justified the invasion by saying that genocide of the Russian-speaking population is taking place in eastern Ukraine. ” Karim Khan remarked.

Ukrainian energy suppliers have called on Germany to stop transporting Russian gas through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline as Moscow continues to bomb neighboring countries, DPA reports.

If Berlin does not completely stop the flow of Russian gas, it should at least significantly reduce the amount, according to Ukrainian state-owned supplier Naftogaz and the state-owned network operator.

The Nord Stream 1 pipeline is the most important pipeline for transporting Russian gas to Germany, according to Agerpres.

“But we see Russia completely violating these principles.” He said he was therefore calling on the German Ministry of Economy and Technology and the federal network agency to suspend or at least drastically limit deliveries.

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