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Long talk, the giant’s poverty: how much money does Apple risk losing if it doesn’t rush the iPhone 14


Apple has a real chance of losing a considerable amount of money if it does not accelerate the production of the iPhone 14. And that would not be the only problem that the tech giant could face.

Recent restrictions on the COVID-19 pandemic in China have caused the production of the iPhone 14 to be worryingly delayed by weeks, compared to the initial deadline.

Normally, the newest iPhones should enter the testing phase in June of this year, but it is quite possible that this will not be possible, precisely because of the production delay, which could lead to a postponement of the launch, which should normally take place on 31 October 2022.

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Luxshare Precision, Foxconn and Pegatron, the most important component suppliers that Apple uses for iPhones, have also suffered quite a bit due to the restrictions imposed by the Chinese government recently. .

How much money could Apple lose?

If suppliers do not make up for lost time, there is a good chance that Apple will lose $ 8 billion, if not more, after this delay.

So what solution could Apple find to avoid the hole in its pocket? To move, of course, his business to India and Vietnam, an idea that has already come to him, but he has not put it into practice.

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In other words, the giant should have taken this step a long time ago, so as to avoid such a large financial mess.

Obviously, the “long word, the giant’s poverty” applies wonderfully here, as postponing the decision would not benefit Apple at all, on the contrary, it could be the first step towards decline.

And if we take into account the fact that the “myth” of Apple does not seem to be as bright, lately (not as before, at least), it is easy to understand that this company can not afford another failure, or even a production / testing / launch delay.

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