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MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, equipped with the new M2: which is more advantageous, which you would buy


It’s been almost four years since Apple redesigned the MacBook Air, adding a Retina display, and upgrades continue to this day.

The laptop received another major upgrade at the end of 2020, being one of the first computers to ship with the famous M1, from Apple.

The M2 chip also comes on the MacBook Air, not just the Pro

As expected, Apple is taking another step forward with the MacBook Air, which now puts the new M2, but also a larger screen, 13.6 inches. It also includes MagSafe for the first time in years. It also has two Thunderbolt ports and a headphone jack.

The M2 comes with an 8-core processor, a 10-core GPU and up to 24 GB of RAM, although the base model comes with only 8 GB of RAM and an 8-core GPU.

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The good news is that the battery does not charge. The giant promises 18 hours of life for the MacBook Air, which means, on average, a day of use, while playing video or even rendering, which can be said about his older brother.

It has a 1080p webcam, which Apple says has twice the resolution and twice the low-light performance of the previous MacBook Air. The keyboard also mimics the one on the new MacBook Pro, with a full-size line of function keys.

Its design is also reminiscent of the new MacBook Pro, the case being a bit more “square”. The downside is that the price will be significantly higher: $ 1,199 at startup.

However, you will have to buy a MacBook Pro if you need advanced features, Air being just a slightly lighter version, although quite skilled as well.

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The MacBook Pro M2 will be priced at $ 1,299 when it launches in July.

It should be noted, however, that there is a good chance that the two will compete directly, since the MacBook Air looks very good and a little cheaper compared to the Pro model.

Therefore, the purchase of one or the other will be conditioned by the differences between them, but also by your needs. If you like “finesse” and have the necessary money, you will opt for the Pro version from Apple, of course. If you are content with less, even though this little is starting to be more and more, Air, it might be what you need.

In other words, the two devices are starting to match their differences – both in terms of performance and price.

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