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Meta is working on the latest AR headphones: what Mark Zuckerberg showed


Mark Zuckerberg gave a teaser about the existence of Meta’s latest mixed reality headset, called Project Cambria.

But for some reason, the physical design of the device is still secret – the company chose to completely pixelate the device in a short demonstration video distributed by Zuckerberg. Which makes us wonder: what does Meta hide with its design? Is Meta trying to stop its competitors from coming up with imitations? Or is it just an attempt to create hype around another disappointing head-mounted gadget?

Regardless, we are willing to bet that Project Cambria will end up looking a lot like the rest of the Quest VR headset range – that is, an unpleasant wearable that is simply not ready for general adoption.

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Zuckerberg introduced the latest VR headsets, but blurred them

The Cambria project is built on the Meta platform, which allows the real world – or at least a “full color passthrough version” – to shine, allowing users to see their real hands interacting with the virtual world around them. Along with Zuckerberg’s weird demonstration, Meta showed off the platform in a two-minute video, promising customers both “productivity and fun,” the exact kind of magic expression that will make these headphones fly off the shelves.

However, during his demonstration, Zuckerberg promised that “this is just the beginning of mixed reality”, a typically pompous statement – especially immediately after it was rumored that the company’s hardware division is being forced to make cuts.

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The bottom line is that it remains to be seen whether developers will be willing to invest their time to build a sufficiently coherent ecosystem so that people can “go fishing under the living room table,” as Meta’s video suggests.

Technology giant Meta plans to launch at least four new VR headsets by 2024, according to a report in The Information. Two headphones are focused on work and productivity (Project Cambria and Funston), while two more are new versions of Quest headphones (Project Stinson and Cardiff) for gaming.

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