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Microsoft Excel Tricks: How to Delete Only Certain Symbols and Texts in One or More Cells, Instantly


Microsoft Excel provides you with a rich set of functions and options that you can call upon to manipulate the contents of a table, in such a way as to make your life easier and to quickly get to the format of the information you are interested in. .

Like any other PC application, Microsoft Excel hides many functions among the bushy menus at the top of the screen. Many of them are also accessible via keyboard shortcuts, if you want to spend a little time learning them. If you don’t use them, however, you risk forgetting many of them. For this reason, you’d better save some helpful tutorials like this one. This time, we detail how to get rid of certain symbols or text inside cells that might make it impossible for you to perform a calculation, for example.

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How to remove symbols and texts from all cells of a table in Excel

I faced a simple situation. I had a table with numeric waves entered in inches, followed in each cell by the word “inches”. Because there were quite a few values ​​and I wanted to convert them to centimeters, it was very important to get rid of that word in each cell. After that, I would just do a simple multiplication (1 inch = 2.54 cm) and arrive at the values ​​I was interested in.

Although there are many complex solutions to this problem, the one I recommend and use most often is called Find & Replace. You can find it in the upper right corner of the Home menu in Excel, behind the magnifying glass. The alternative is to press CTRL + H to get to the window below. In the “Find what” field, you write what you want to remove, regardless of whether we are talking about symbols, words or sentences. It is enough not to write anything to “Replace with” because you don’t want to put anything instead. Replace means replace in English. Press Replace All and you will see a report on the screen with the number of replacements made. Hit Ok and that was it.

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