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Microsoft is trying to infiltrate the world of streaming: what device is preparing you


Microsoft has been struggling for some time to regain its lost glory. So, in trying to keep up with the demands of the moment, test all sorts of soft or hard products, as you will see below, by the way.

In fact, it’s been a few years since Microsoft began to brag that it would release a device designed specifically for streaming games. The expected moment is fast approaching for users, as the giant will soon launch Keystone, a device that, as far as we know, will be much more accessible than a classic game console.

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Microsoft’s Keystone could revolutionize game streaming

Microsoft’s Keystone could very well replace game consoles. Of course, this is not necessarily mandatory, since before drawing a conclusion, users will need to have the opportunity to actually use this new device. In addition, it seems to have some limitations

Microsoft representatives have been working on Keystone for several years, and are now ready to launch the product, although they have not announced an official launch date.

The keystone would work similarly to the Chromecast, meaning it would connect to a monitor using an HDMI jack. In addition, it will bet on games that will be available through the Xbox Game Pass.

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However, Microsoft’s new device may also have some limitations, so the software is a slightly “lighter” version of the Xbox OS, so it lacks a number of features. cataloged as advanced. If Keystone has a price to match, the business may still be worth it, given the conditions.

It should be noted that the price of the future streaming device is not yet known.

Microsoft is trying to infiltrate the world of streaming with what the device it is preparing looks like
Test Streaming Device – Microsoft

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