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Microsoft is working on a new feature: how to make your life easier with applications


Microsoft wants to make your life easier and is working on an application restore function. This will help users and developers who buy or test a PC to quickly install their commonly used applications.

Thus, Microsoft is starting to work on an application restore function, a function that rivals from Apple and Google have been offering for many years on iOS and Android. Therefore, restoring applications will allow the applications used in the last backup to be reinstalled automatically when the user logs in to another device, writes The Verge.

Now, for example, Windows does not offer such a feature. Thus, when buying a new PC, the user has to search, install and reconfigure all the applications he used.

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This Windows 11 application restore feature will be done through the official app store, Microsoft Store.

Restoring applications will be especially useful for consumers who change computers frequently, or for developers who regularly use virtual machines and multiple devices. Windows users had to rely on third-party package managers for a similar, albeit more powerful, experience.

How to use the new feature from Microsoft

For this new restore feature to have a real impact, we’ll need to see more apps in the Microsoft Store. There are signs that it has improved in the last year, with applications such as Firefox, Zoom, Adobe Acrobat Reader and OBS Studio all available in the store. But many applications are still missing, and Microsoft is trying to fix this by removing the waiting list for win32 applications, opening the store for all application developers today.

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Microsoft is also improving the way Windows 11 users can discover applications, with the results of the applications in the Store being listed in search results if people use search to try to find an application. Windows Insiders will also be able to start testing this new application search feature in the Start menu soon. In related news, Microsoft will begin accepting third-party widgets in Windows 11 later this year.

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