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Microwave or classic? Which is better, which one to buy, why


If you have just considered buying an oven and you do not know whether to buy a classic or a microwave, maybe you should read this article which will make you better understand the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing one or the other.

Many people have wondered over time (even you, probably) what they should buy when furnishing their kitchen: a microwave or a classic oven, built into the furniture or directly from the stove. ? Well, the answer is different, depending on you, your expectations and your lifestyle.

Microwave oven, accessible but incomplete version

If you have a slightly more hectic lifestyle and you don’t even like to cook, you will definitely choose a microwave oven, as this tool is extremely easy to use and which, It obviously takes up very little space in your kitchen. Moreover, it costs less than a classic one.

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However, a microwave oven also has its disadvantages. You will not be able to use it if you start cooking a dish from scratch. For example, you may not need to introduce a piece of raw meat, as it will not cope with this degree of “overwork”. All you have to do is get a piece of “steak” burnt on the edge and raw inside. Experts also say that a microwave oven will not be able to kill all the bacteria in the meat, as a classic device does. Instead, for hybrid dishes, it’s more than enough.

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If you are a fan of complicated dishes, the classic oven is the ideal solution for you, because with the help of one you will be able to cook whatever you want. Disadvantages, in the case of a classic oven, are less obvious, but just as important: the space it occupies but also the higher price, compared to its “little brother”.

And if, however, you can’t decide between the two, and your pocket allows, you can buy them in parallel, as they cannot be replaced with each other, but rather complement each other.

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