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Mimi Reinhard, the secretary who wrote Schindler’s list, has died at the age of 107


Mimi Reinhard, secretary in the office of Oskar Schindler, who typed the list of names of Jews to be rescued from extermination, died in Israel on Thursday at the age of 107.

Mimi Reinhard was one of 1,200 Jews rescued by German businessman Schindler.

The typist was born in Vienna in 1915 and then moved to Krakow, Poland, before the outbreak of World War II. When the Nazis invaded Poland in 1939, the woman ended up in a ghetto, and then, in 1942, was sent to a concentration camp in Plaszow.

Two years later, he typed the names of the Jews who were to be transferred to Schindler’s factories, according to spotmedia.ro.

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Mimi Reinhard, who wrote Schindler’s list, died in Israel at the age of 107, and she was also put on that list with two friends.

“I didn’t know the list was so important,” Mimi Reinhard told a Jewish journalist in 2008. Later, her name would appear on the list, along with two other friends.

Although she worked with Schindler, the woman remembered that she did not have much talk with the businessman. “He was a charming man, very sociable. He treats us nicely. “

After the end of the war, Mimi Reinhard moved to the United States, where she lived until 2007, when she decided to settle in Israel.

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Steven Spielberg’s “Schindler’s List” (1993) portrays the story of the businessman in an emotional way.

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