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Modern treatment of venous diseases at Medici’s Clinic in Timișoara


The doctor from Cluj, Raul Șandor, cures venous diseases at Medici’s Clinic in Timișoara with modern treatment methods, informs Ziua de Vest.

“For the treatment of varicose veins, there are several methods, each of which must be explained separately. Together with the doctor, the patient will choose the right method and adapted to him, because there is not only the disease, there is also the sick patient, ”says Dr. Sandor.

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Laser intervention and short convalescence period

“One of my favorite treatments is the treatment of intravenous laser varicose veins, which aims to permanently seal the saphenous vein with the help of the LASER beam. This method involves inserting a probe into the vein, under ultrasound guidance, and closing the affected vein inch by inch. This method has multiple advantages, such as: short recovery time, does not require hospitalization and bed rest, so the patient will be able to return home shortly after the intervention; the intervention is performed with local anesthesia, which will significantly reduce the risk of complications and increase the comfort of the patient, who will be able to mobilize immediately after the intervention; and, last but not least, a low risk of relapse compared to other procedures. Moreover, from an aesthetic point of view, the results are amazing, we no longer have unsightly scars or nerve injuries that appear after the classic treatment, “says Dr. Raul Sandor, in an interview with reporters from the local newspaper in Timisoara.

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