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Moldova will receive an EU accession response next month


The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, announced that this structure will provide an answer on EU accession, when it will decide when Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and Georgia can officially receive the status of candidate countries.

Charles Michel made this statement during his visit to Chisinau on Wednesday.

UPDATE “Romania fully supports the integration of the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia into the European Union,” Romanian President Klaus Iohannis announced on Wednesday.


The European Council will express its opinion on the requests of the three mentioned countries by the end of June 2022, Charles Michel specified on Wednesday in Chisinau. He avoided saying whether the three countries would officially become candidate countries by the end of June.

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EU accession must be approved by a political decision of the countries of the Union

“The decision-making process within the EU is complex and sometimes vetoes. The EU enlargement process is a political tool, “said Charles Michel.

For Ukraine, President Zelensky signed the application for EU membership immediately after the start of the war in Ukraine. Immediately afterwards, President Maia Sandu signed the application for accession of the Republic of Moldova.

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