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Money-saving measures in Germany help fight inflation


The money-saving measures in Germany have significantly helped to fight rising inflation here and there, caused by the pandemic and the war.

Record inflation, mostly caused by the war in Ukraine, has led Germany to introduce measures to ease the burden on consumers, including massive reductions in public transport travel.

Europeans are facing record inflation, which is forcing some authorities to take action.
On Wednesday (June 1st), Germany introduced a new measure to help consumers cope.

Locals can now buy public transport tickets covering trips to Germany for just nine euros, or just under $ 10 a month.

“I think it’s good because I’m telling myself now, I’m going to travel somewhere every week and look at whatever I want.”

Germany’s chosen way to save on inflation has made many consumers happy

The German government has also reduced fuel taxes to combat high prices.
Some gas stations in Germany have already reduced their prices – much to the delight of many customers.

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But others were more skeptical about the tax exemption that was actually given.

“It simply came to our notice then. I filled my car with diesel last week for 1.92 euros ($ 2.05), and today diesel costs 1.97 euros. So it’s not really noticeable. “
The measures are expected to run for three months, by the end of August.

Inflation in Germany rose to 7.9% in May, largely due to supply chain problems caused by the health crisis and the conflict in Ukraine.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz tries to explain why his country cannot offer weapons to Ukraine

The head of the Berlin Executive has admitted that Ukraine has demanded arms from Germany. However, Germany cannot comply with this request. Germany’s refusal is motivated by Olaf Scholz’s fact that Germany must think first and foremost about defending NATO countries. “The reason is the need to be able to defend the territory of the Alliance at any time,” Scholz said.

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That is why Germany cannot give up its weapons.

“It’s a difficult compromise that we have to make with our allies. The threat to NATO territory persists from Russia. We hear this, in particular, from the Baltic countries, which are asking the Bundeswehr for additional troops. NATO has set a goal that we must withstand a 12-day attack with current weapons and ammunition. Under the current threat, I am doing my best not to forget this commitment “, Chancellor Scholz explained.

The German Chancellor has a completely different point of view than the President of France

The point of view of the German Executive is totally different from that of other governments in NATO countries. For example, President Macron announced that France was supplying Ukraine with wheeled artillery systems and anti-tank missiles. Macron made the announcement of the delivery of weapons from France on the very day that Scholz announced that Germany would not deliver weapons.

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