Home News Mount Etna in Italy erupted, throwing lava into the night sky

Mount Etna in Italy erupted, throwing lava into the night sky


The highest active volcano in Europe, Mount Etna in Italy, erupted, presenting an “amazing exhibition” on Friday (May 20th) with hot lava and plumes of smoke escaping a few meters up the western sky and flowing red lava. on the mountain during the night, heading towards the “Lion’s Valley”.

The nearly 11,000-foot (3,330-meter) volcano can cause spectacular views several times a year, throwing lava and ash over the Mediterranean island of Sicily, according to Reuters.

Etna, an uninterrupted volcano in Italy, erupted near the city of Catania, giving a fabulous spectacle

Etna, which is located above the Sicilian city of Catania, often erupts, but rarely causes damage and is believed to have the longest recorded eruption record of any volcano, its first recorded observation dating back to 425 BC.

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The last major eruption occurred in 1992.

In 2011, the volcano Etna, located on the east coast of Sicily, between Catania and Messina, erupted during the night from Wednesday to Thursday, for about two hours, but on Thursday afternoon ash was emitted for another five minutes.

The eruption during the night was spectacular, the televisions capturing unique images with lava flowing from the volcano on the slopes, near some localities. The eruption did not result in casualties, and the activity of Catania airport, initially affected, returned to normal on Thursday evening.

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