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Museum Night 2022. 170 institutions from 87 localities are waiting for their visitors with their doors wide open


“Museum Night” is an event that contributes to “shaping our European cultural identity”, according to the French Minister of Culture and Communication, Audrey Azoulay.

In Romania, the event is organized by the National Network of Museums in Romania, a member of the largest pan-European network of museums – Network of European Museum Organizations (NEMO), according to noapteamuzeelor.org

With an extended program even into the morning, the museums will once again offer physical events, as will the other cultural entities that connect to this European museum project every year.

On May 14, the big cities prepared dozens of cultural interventions in museums, theater, opera, athenaeum, castles, palaces and fortresses, in libraries, in creative studios, in cultural centers, in art gardens, in creative neighborhoods, in spaces of science and experimentation, in spaces of memory, in pavilions and art galleries, in paper mills.

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To these are added multiple events organized by cultural institutions from Romanian towns, communes and villages, such as those from Bran, Brad, Ciucea, Colţi, Comana, Feldioara, Potlogi, Ruginoasa, Rupea, Ştefăneşti de Argeş, Ştefăneşti de Botoşani, Tămăşeni, Todireşti etc.

In Bucharest, 64 museums, art galleries, public cultural institutions and associations, cultural institutes, universities, palaces and memorial houses, libraries, cinemas, studios and creative neighborhoods open their doors on Museum Night.

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