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National security is threatened by cyber attacks: SRI warning


National security is threatened by cyber attacks more than ever. Here is the announcement made by SRI in this regard.

According to Cristian Chirteş, chairman of the Joint Standing Committee of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate for the exercise of parliamentary control over the activity of SRI, the political class must adopt legislation in the field of cyber security.

“I want to emphasize the importance of drafting legislation in the field of cybersecurity, legislation that today Romania unfortunately does not have and I think needs to be urgent, I am convinced that the cybersecurity law should be expedited, which is in final form and I call on policy makers to come to the Parliament with this law “, said Cristian Chirteş, quoted by Economica.

Cyber ​​attacks target Romania

He noted that he had warned in February of possible cyber attacks that could target critical sites or infrastructures: cyber attacks in the next period. SRI, through Cyberint, identified vulnerabilities and of course made recommendations to all institutions that were affected by these attacks and more “.

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Thus, the cyber security law must clearly establish the responsibilities of each entity in this field, according to its statements. At the same time, Cristian Chirteș urged all decision-makers in the public sector, the private sector, the operators of essential infrastructures, to take seriously the warnings regarding cyber dangers.

Also, SRI General Anton Rog, director of the National Cyberint Center, spoke about Romania’s digital opportunities and their capitalization, but also about the evolution of the cyber landscape, during the Microsoft Envision event, organized online by the American company.

“With the beginning of digitalization and the penetration of technology in both the public and private areas, the attack area increases and we must remain vigilant. We must remain technologically close to the required level to ensure the security of these infrastructures “, said the brigadier general of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI).

He also mentioned that Romania’s level of digitalization is just beginning, but our country is frequently visited by cyber actors: “The fact that such attacks are not made public is due to the effort we make from a human and technological point of view. Basically, at the level of the Cyberint National Center there is a Security Operation Center (SOC built with European money through which we offer cyber security services for all institutions in the government of Romania ”.

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