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New Zealand amazes world: intends to tax farmers for gas emitted by sheep and cows


New Zealand launched a draft plan on Wednesday (June 8th) to set a price (taxes) for agricultural emissions from sheep and cows in an attempt to address one of the largest sources of greenhouse gases in the country. .

New Zealand plans to put a price on sheep and cow gas to address one of the country’s largest sources of greenhouse gases, according to Reuters.

New Zealand hosts:

– 5 million people

– 10 million cattle

– 26 million sheep

New Zealand would introduce these new taxes for sheep and cow emissions only in 2025

According to the project plan, farmers would pay for animal emissions in 2025.

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Short-term and long-term agricultural gas will be charged separately, but only one measure will be used to calculate their volume.

Proceeds from the scheme will be invested in research, development services and advice for farmers.

A final decision on this scheme is expected in December 2022.

Exciting meetings as Australians return to New Zealand

The Australians began arriving in New Zealand on Wednesday, after the state opened its borders for travel to the neighboring country for the first time since mid-2021.

Television footage showed moving scenes of family and friends reunited as two flights from Australia landed in Auckland. Maori dancers greeted the passengers with songs and dances, while those waiting in the Arrivals Lounge were handed “Hello & Kia Ora & G’day & Welcome” signs, according to Reuters.

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Australians return to New Zealand after tougher pandemic restrictions begin to lift
New Zealand had some of the toughest restrictive measures in the world during the pandemic, and its borders were closed most of the time in March 2020, except for a short-lived travel bubble between New Zealand and Australia last year. which was suspended a few months later as COVID-19 spread.

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