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Olaf Scholz says war in Ukraine will have effects like Germany on World War II


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz compares the conflict in Ukraine with World War II and its effects on Germany.

“People living in Germany know that World War II bombs are still being discovered. Ukraine must be prepared for what lies ahead and fight the aftermath of the war for the next 100 years, “the chancellor said on Wednesday, according to The Telegraph.

Scholz says all states must stand shoulder to shoulder and “act together to rebuild Ukraine,” according to epicnews.ro.

Scholz says the situation in Ukraine is similar in effect to World War II in Germany

The 77th day of war is coming to an end. Bombings continue in several regions of Ukraine.
More than 10,000 people could die in Mariupol by the end of the year, with 150-170,000 people in the city, said Mayor Vadym Boychenko.

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French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Monday night showed “full support” for Ukraine by marching together under the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, a symbol of the Cold War and illuminated for the occasion in the colors of the Russian-invaded country. AFP.

“Full support for Ukraine,” the French head of state said as he walked along with the German chancellor about 200 people behind the cordons, asking what message the two leaders wanted to convey with their efforts.

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