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Oura collaborated with Gucci to make a smart 18-karat gold ring: what technology does it use?


Oura, the startup that exceeds the limits of how small a portable gadget can be, has just announced a collaboration that could significantly increase its profile. Team up with the Gucci fashion house for a Gucci x Oura ring, made of black synthetic corundum and adorned with the famous interconnected “G” and a woven woven model, both made of 18 carat yellow gold.

This smart ring comes with the latest Generation 3 Oura technology, allowing users to monitor heart rate, sleep, activity and more in real time.

The ring weighs only four grams, but can read heart rate, respiratory rate and temperature to tell users if they are stressed or ill. It is thought to measure heart rate more accurately than smart wrist watches using the arteries in your fingers. Users also receive sleep scans based on the same vital values, all summarized in sleep, activity and training scores, displayed in the Oura app. Then it can provide “science-supported content on how to optimize every day,” according to the company.

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What does this smart ring from Gucci do?

In the last Oura Ring practice, I noticed that the company switched to a subscription model that costs six dollars a month, in addition to the price of the ring (three hundred dollars for the current Oura ring). Reducing this smart ring to such a small size was a real engineering feat, but it is still a bit thick compared to a regular ring.

Obviously, you’re going to pay a pretty hefty price for the Gucci x Oura ring, now available in select stores around the world for $ 950. The good news is that the Oura “Lifetime Membership” subscription is included in the price, so you’ll never have to pay for it. For more, you can check out the Gucci x Oura page here.

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