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PHOTO Luxury submarines for the rich look as futuristic as a walk in space


To get an adrenaline-fueled experience, rich people seem to long for the depths of the ocean. Private submarine companies are trying to make fun of them for a small fee. This is what luxury submarines look like.

A Dutch company called U-Boat Worx – yes, I share the same name with the infamous German submarines of both World Wars – now offers the rich the chance to do deep sea luxury exploration with the “NEXUS submarine”. This submarine is said to sink up to 200 meters below the surface.

“NEXUS gives a world-class feel to those looking for the most unobtrusive view,” U-Boat Worx reports.

Given the panoramic windows and the nine rotating seats for passengers, it looks like it would really be an experience from another world.

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How to dive like in Jules Verne’s books on luxury submarines

The NEXUS submarine startup is not the company’s deep-sea submarine – it has several models that vary in size, although this is by far the largest. There are only two to five passengers inside. They did not say anything about the prices for any of their offers, which makes us suspect that it would cost a small to medium fortune.

Although there are cheap submarine trips in shallow oceans to vacation destinations such as Hawaii, there are still relatively few opportunities for the wealthy to immerse themselves in the Jules Verne style.

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As a reference, last year, Aston Martin teamed up with the submarine company Triton to offer an “ultra-exclusive” luxury experience with its Project Neptune submarine. Moreover, in 2018, the Blue Marble Private travel company began offering guided tours of the sunken Titanic at a price of $ 105,129 per person. At the time, the company said the price was the same as the cost of a ticket on the original ship, although adjusted for inflation. One company even built a true yellow submarine in the style of The Beatles’ iconic single, album and animated film, Yellow Submarine.

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