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Poland proposes a “price equalization system” for oil in the EU


Poland, through Prime Minister Mateus Morawiecki, is proposing to European leaders to apply a “price equalization system” in the European Union (EU) for oil purchases, the BBC reports.

While Hungary opposes a ban on Russian oil in the EU, Poland has proposed introducing a price-equalization system in the European Union so that it no longer benefits from continued imports of Russian oil.

The Polish news agency PAP reports that a “special price leveling tool” could be introduced so that any EU country that opposes sanctions on Russian oil cannot use imports “as an advantage in competition with other countries”. said Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, according to blacknews.ro.

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Poland wants an equalization system for oil purchases, but also a common oil embargo on Russia

However, Morawiecki remains optimistic that EU leaders will be able to reach an agreement on an oil embargo against Russia at the summit in Brussels.

Hungary has opposed an EU plan to ban Russian oil imports. Prime Minister Viktor Orban has argued that solutions must be found to secure his country’s energy supply.

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