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Prohibited phone call logging applications: the explanation for Google’s decision


Applications for recording phone calls have always been in a legislative gray area. That’s why Apple never allowed them in the AppStore. On Android, however, things were significantly more relaxed.

After more than a decade in which it was surprisingly easy to record phone calls with family, friends, acquaintances, or customers on Android, Google has decided to change the rules of the game. As of today, all third-party applications that facilitate this process on terminals with the Mountain View giant’s operating system will cease to operate.

Google news that might upset you

If you had an Android phone just to record phone calls, you might not like the fact that the feature is no longer available overnight. In theory, Google took steps in that direction a few years ago, but developers have come to use an accessibility API to achieve their stated purpose in describing applications.

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As of yesterday, May 11, 2022, Google is also blocking access to the Accessibility API for these applications. Because the change is made at the server level, not the client, it spreads instantly globally. Thus, applications that boast of recording phone calls will stop working if they are installed from now on. Those that have been installed in the past should not be a problem, although they may also lose their usefulness in the event of a firmware update.

Call recording applications have always been in a gray legislative area. The problem is that their legality varies significantly from country to country. For this reason, a radical all-or-nothing solution is much smarter for device makers or, in the case of Google, the giant behind the Android operating system.

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In the end, Google is getting closer and closer to Apple’s practices with its iOS and shutting down the mobile operating system more and more.

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