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Putin and Lukashenko want to go to the cosmos


Presidents Putin and Lukashenko want to go to the cosmos, according to information released by the Russian press.

President Vladimir Putin has been noted for his portraits of a great sportsman. Now, on April 12, 2022, the Russian agency TASS announces that the presidents of Russia and Belarus, Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko, have “inspected” together the Vostochny target in eastern Russia. Russia is building a civilian cosmodrome here, according to the Russian press.

President Putin said he had asked Roscosmos to “arrange the necessary training and a flight aboard a Russian spacecraft for representatives of Belarus.” “I am confident that it will be a new milestone in our space cooperation,” he said.

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It is known that people who specialize in cosmonauts have also started flying in the cosmos. They are usually very rich people, called space tourists. It has not been officially announced whether Presidents Putin and Lukashenko will actually fly together. Lukashenko is known to have the rank of colonel in the Russian army.

The Amur Cosmodrome in the Russian Far East began construction in 2007. The second stage of construction would be completed in 2022.

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