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Putin is accused of stealing Europe because it has frozen the assets of billions of Russian oligarchs


Russian President Vladimir Putin has called the European decision to freeze billions of assets belonging to oligarchs a “theft”.

“The theft of goods by the West will not lead to anything good,” he added. “Russia is getting stronger with sanctions.
No “gendarme of the world” can stop countries that want to pursue an independent policy, “Putin said, according to epicnews.ro.

Putin accuses Europe of stealing the billions of assets of Russian oligarchs, saying it hurts itself

“Those who try to isolate us are only hurting themselves.
In a world like the present, a country like Russia cannot be left alone, isolated, those who try to do so are harming themselves in the first place, “said the Russian president, speaking by videoconference at the plenary session of the Eurasian Economic Forum. .

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Russian President Vladimir Putin warns Western sanctions look like a declaration of war

Vladimir Putin has warned that Western sanctions against Russia are similar to a declaration of war, according to Sky News, in early March this year.

In a commentary on Russian state television on Saturday, Putin said that Russia wants Ukraine to be “demilitarized” and added that the country should have a neutral status.

He reiterated a familiar remark that Russia hopes to rid Ukraine of Nazism.

The West has imposed harsh sanctions on Moscow since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine on February 24, in order to harm the Russian economy, according to Ziarul Financiar.

Since the confiscation of the superhighs at SWIFT and Putin himself, sanctions against Russia for invading Ukraine have been extensive. But will they work?

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Putin says Western sanctions are like a declaration of war after the SWIFT banking system is blocked

Russia has been blocked from SWIFT, the international banking system. This is a blow to Russian trade, as it makes it harder for any Russian company to do business internationally. Ross Denton, head of international trade at Ashurst, explains:

“If you take the Russian system out of SWIFT, it will actually go back to the Stone Age. . . .because the SWIFT system is kind of like neural networks for financial markets, so it allows you to make your payments more secure, but also faster.

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