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Robots that do your housework: how they help you at home


Dyson has started making more and more unusual products these days, such as Zone Noise Canceling headphones, which blow purified air in front of you. Now, the company has revealed that it has an entire division that has secretly developed prototypes of robots that do the housework. Here’s how robots help you get around the house.

The company did not specifically detail any of the models, but many look like ordinary robot arms, adapted to do specialized household chores, such as cleaning and tidying up. One seems to be designed to vacuum the cushions of the chair, mapping an armchair in detail to do the job.

“So that means I’ll never, ever find chips around the back of my couch again?” Asked Jake Dyson, a chief engineer.

Robots help us with household chores

Another robot puts the dishes aside or at least puts them in a dryer. Another robot also catches a teddy bear, probably dropped by a child. Dyson also presented a “perception lab” that deals with robotic vision systems, environmental detection, and mapping people with sensors, cameras, and thermal imaging systems.

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Dyson is currently recruiting, looking for about 700 engineers, which is why he finally decided to introduce the lab (located at Hullavington Airfield, Wiltshire in the UK), after keeping it a secret.

“What you develop matters a lot in terms of the enthusiasm and attraction of the engineers,” said the chief engineer. “One thing about robots, as with wearable items, is that they represent Dyson’s future.”

Moreover, the Toyota Research Institute (TRI) has unveiled a series of robots that are meant to help seniors manage household chores, which could otherwise give them headaches.

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While these robots may not find their way into our homes too soon, future human needs-oriented projects may materialize sooner than we expect.

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