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Romania, attacked by Russians: the hackers targeted the most important institutions in the country


This weekend, Russian hackers targeted several sites in Romania. In this sense, the cybersecurity specialists within STS blocked thousands of cyber attacks that would affect the most important public institutions in Romania.

“This weekend, the cyber security specialists of the Special Telecommunications Service blocked thousands of malicious attacks. These were posted on the websites of some of the most important institutions in Romania. It is a significant increase, on some web pages exceeding the percentage of 100% of these types of attacks compared to other periods “, STS posted on the official Facebook page.

In this context, “efficient and rapid cyber security measures have been implemented, using both automated mechanisms and real-time technical operations”, according to STS. These operations have been implemented at the level of the Security Incident Response Operations Center (CORIS-STS) and at the level of the Internet Infrastructure (ISP-STS), for all authorities for which STS provides technical administration or provision of Internet services.

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As a reference, a few days after the online presence of several government organizations in Romania was buried, the same group of hackers who took on the attacks on Friday morning announced that it was kneeling over 300 local sites. On the Telegram channel of the Russian group of hackers, Killnet members confirmed that the cyber attacks on Romania have not ended. Instead, they will expand more and more, targeting the sites of some media publications, political parties, cultural and business organizations, in addition to Romanian state institutions.

Hackers have massively attacked Romania

“In the event of a cyber attack, decisions and actions taken in an extremely short time are essential, and when technical management and cyber security teams are common, the decision chain is extremely short and with immediate impact. The activities undertaken to ensure cyber security correlate defensive measures both at the level of communication infrastructure and at the level of computer applications “, STS also declared.

Therefore, specialists identified the type of attacks and the malicious sources used by Russian hackers. The specialists applied protection solutions at the level of the operating systems that host the attacked IT services and transmitted them to the other CERT type entities.

”STS shared its own analyzes and collaborated with the IT specialists of the beneficiaries and CERT experts from DNSC and from the institutions from the National Defense System. STS continues to carry out, on a 24/24 basis, all the specific cyber security activities in order to contribute to the protection of the digital and communication services of the Romanian state institutions and authorities ”, the institution added.

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