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Romania, in a European ranking that shows us how much we like to break the law: we are in the top of the EU


Our country occupies a leading position at European level, in a ranking of the number of fines on GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Accace Romania, one of the leading business consulting and service outsourcing companies in Central and Eastern Europe, reports that Romania ranks third in this ranking, with no less than 71 such sanctions applied over the past year.

Only Spain and Italy are in front of us

The first two places in the ranking are occupied by Spain, with 381 fines, and Italy, with 123 sanctions.

“The competent authority in the field of GDPR (ANSPDCP) actively participates in promoting an education culture and sanctions reported violations of personal data, so that although the number of fines is high, Romania being third in the EU, the amount of sanctions is not excessive .

Regarding the conditions for processing personal data at the country level, the legislative framework does not differ, but differences can be made by reference to the technologies used and the way they work.

For example, bureaucracy and the use of the work environment with documents in letter format involve different procedures to ensure the protection of personal data, compared to the online work environment “, said Andreea Manolache, Coordinator of the legal department of Accace Romania.

Analyzing the European situation as a whole, the sectors of activity that accumulated the most sanctions in 2021 for non-compliance with the GDPR were: industry and trade (220 fines), media, telecommunications and broadcasting (175) and transport and energy (46).

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We recall that the General Data Protection Regulation was created in order to protect personal data and clearly delimit the way in which it can be processed. Failure to comply with the legal provisions of the GDPR can lead to harsh sanctions, severe fines for those who violate the law.

There are two main categories of entities covered by the GDPR. These are:

-Operators – those who establish the purposes and means of processing personal data;
– Authorized person – those who are responsible for the processing of personal data on behalf of a data controller.

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