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Romania to face strong and rich EU countries: our politicians are on their way to Brussels


Our country has the chance to become an important regional chip producer, just like the big European economies or maybe even above them, if the plans of the Bucharest authorities materialize. Our politicians are already in advanced talks with officials in Brussels, and things seem to be going well.

Global industries have been facing an acute semiconductor crisis for months as a result of the closure of several centers in China as a result of pandemic restrictions and disruption of international supply chains due to explosive demand.

The lack of chips is expected to last at least until 2024, according to Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger.

Car manufacturers, healthcare providers, telecom operators and others have been affected by the global chip shortage and supply chain blockages.

Under these conditions, any new producer, such as us, would have a chance at a significant market share and thus we could supply our industries, but we could also export chips, which would bring us financial benefits in the long run. long.

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The big announcement comes from the Government

Economy Minister Florin Spataru said on Tuesday that talks were under way with European Commissioner Thierry Breton to identify and attract major semiconductor manufacturers.

“We have discussions with Commissioner Breton in identifying and attracting large players, semiconductor manufacturers, in Romania, to cover some needs at European level and some needs at the level of the Romanian economy industry. We are not talking about the niche segments, we are talking about the segments that suit us best, as a Romanian economy.

I also had a visit to Belgium and a research institute, I think the largest semiconductor research institute will come to Bucharest in early June for a collaboration.

They expressed their desire to make such a collaboration with Romanian universities, but also with production units in our country for the development of joint research projects and also testing. I can tell you that in Belgium we are talking about investments of around 3 billion euros.

They have a very good ability to test. Major semiconductor manufacturers are testing these prototypes there. And the fact that they have shown interest in coming to Romania and collaborating with us can only make me happy and it is also an additional element in attracting a large manufacturer in the field of semiconductors “, said Florin Spătaru, at conference “Romania and the top industries: How we can use the opportunity of the accelerated reset of the European economy”.

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