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Romanian artist Vlad Nancă exhibits “A Map of the World as Seen by Him” ​​at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Sofia


“A Map of the World as Seen by Him” ​​is a meditation on who will hold the future and its fantasy. Vlad Nancă started this thinking experiment in 2015, after the discovery of Kepler-452b, an exoplanet that is also known as Earth 2.0, as its environmental conditions seem to be suitable for humans. The artist wondered what would happen if humans one day colonized this planet. Would we continue our lives by making the same mistakes or start a new life? Reflecting on a new beginning, the artist imagined a fantastic future, this time led by women.

Vlad Nancă was inspired by his exhibition of modernist architecture, the urban landscape of Sofia during the socialist period, Soviet astronautics and the obsession with scientific progress that left its mark in the form of murals and mosaics on Eastern Europe. He believes that women, either metaphorically or through historical personalities themselves, could become images of a possible future.

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During the preparation of the exhibition, Nancă rediscovered two artists who remained on the periphery of the history of art and architecture in Bulgaria and Romania. One is the Bulgarian sculptor Velichka Believa, and the other is the architect Henrieta Delavrancea-Gibory, a prominent figure in Romanian modernism and the designer of many buildings in Balchik.

The exhibition, which can be visited until May 31, is part of the program “Superstition 2: Entanglement”, 2022, through which IAC-Sofia aims to develop during this year six exhibition projects, each lasting four weeks.

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Vlad Nancă (born in 1979) is a graduate of the National University of Arts in Bucharest, specializing in Photography and Image. His artistic interests concern space (from architecture and public space to cosmic space), materializing in sculptures, objects and installations. In recent years, his works have been presented in solo exhibitions in Bucharest, Stuttgart, Vienna, Sibiu, Bergamo, Trento and Berlin, as well as in group exhibition projects.

Vlad Nancă is one of the 24 artists who decided to donate a work for the charity auction project “Beauty saves the world”, launched by the National Red Cross Society, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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