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Romanian systems in danger of ransomware infection: SRI warning and the solution not to lose your data


In the context of the massive digitalization effort of Romanian companies and institutions, the exposure to cyber attacks is growing at an accelerated pace. For this reason, the SRI warning should not come as a major surprise.

Both at the level of individuals and of Romanian companies or authorities, the risk of cyber attacks has exploded recently. On the one hand, the war in Ukraine did not help either. On the other hand, Romanians’ digital knowledge is still limited, even if they often interact with sensitive or very sensitive data. In this context, you easily become the target of skilled hackers.

SRI warning for Romanians

“At the level of the CYBERINT National Center within the Romanian Intelligence Service, data were obtained regarding a possible mass campaign of spearphishing cyber attacks aimed at infecting computer systems with ransomware malware. The attackers intend to use e-mail addresses belonging to Romanian institutions in order to try to mislead potential victims, ”the Romanian Intelligence Service said in a statement.

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The good part is that SRI officials also come up with some possible solutions that you should adopt, if you want to make sure that you do not stay in the air with your personal data, employees and / or collaborators.

“It is recommended that you do not access links or files attached to e-mail messages that are not currently addressed to recipients or come from unknown sources. The same precautions are recommended regarding accessing links or attachments sent via SMS, WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, etc. ”, it is also shown in the SRI communiqué.

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Last but not least, nothing is more important than backing up your sensitive data. ”It is also mandatory to back up sites, databases or any other type of data exposed to the Internet, as well as store these copies on physically separate memory media to avoid encryption or destruction. a possible cyber attack. ”, conclude the experts from the Romanian Intelligence Service.

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