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Romanians and the internet: how many access their bank on the phone, why are they reluctant


A record number of Romanians spend a lot of time on the internet, too much. However, this does not mean that they are open to making online payments or accessing their bank accounts. Due to poor technical knowledge, skepticism is still at a significant level.

No less than 67.9% of Romanian internet users use online banking, through internet banking or mobile banking. This means that they access their accounts and make transactions either through a web interface using their favorite internet browser or through the dedicated mobile application provided by the bank. This means that about a third of Romanians either do not trust mobile devices or the Internet, or are afraid of cyber threats that make waves online.

How Romanians interact with money

CEC Bank, in collaboration with the banking comparator FinZoom.ro, published a few days ago a study on the relationship between Romanians and their finances and, implicitly, with banks. Following this statistical effort, the conclusions include the fact that 63.6% of respondents are accustomed to keeping track of income and expenses and often choose to follow their monthly budget.

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“Last year, CEC Bank doubled the number of Mobile Banking users. On average, each user enters the application to check their balances once every 4 days and perform operations once a month. In order to provide customers with faster and easier access to their financial situation, we relaunched the mobile banking application. under a new name – CEC App and with a modern, improved design and new features: online lending. From Mobile banking. loans for personal needs can be contracted, through a short flow, without additional documents and with a grant on the spot ”, says Mugur Podaru, Director of Remote Operations at CEC Bank.

Also in terms of interaction with banks and money, approximately 31.6% of Romanians prefer exclusively cash and cash payments. Most likely, they fall into the category of those who, on payday, take out all their money and keep it in their wallet. Only 28.3% are exclusive supporters of card payments, while 40.1% said they use both cash and card.

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Among the other findings of the survey:

  • 60.5% of respondents say they have made card payments for online shopping in the last three months
  • 25.3% of respondents already use Google Pay / Apple Wallet digital wallets to pay for card products directly from their phone
  • 50.4% of Romanians claim that they use their monthly card or bank account to pay their monthly bills
  • For the payment of products and services in stores, 28.3% of respondents prefer to pay by card, 40.1% of them use both the card and cash. 31.6% of respondents still prefer cash payments.

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