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Romanians could get rid of US visas, but the costs are huge: what is “Big Brother”


Romanians who have long wanted to get to the US will have a much better chance of fulfilling their dream after issuing the visa requirement. Unfortunately, the cost may be too high for some, and it’s not about money.

The US authorities have a very efficient system for scanning and automatically assessing people crossing state borders. It is a kind of artificial intelligence that calculates in real time the chances of you being a terrorist, a drug dealer or some other type of criminal. It’s a simplistic “big brother” that reduces you to a statistic, a degree of risk, and, depending on that, makes more or less radical decisions.

More details about this mechanism can be found on the US authorities’ website. Beyond the fact that it is absolutely terrifying, the problem is that it will be implemented in Romania as well, according to a project of the Romanian authorities meant to eliminate the need for visas to enter the USA.

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The US visa could be eliminated in Romania

The authorities in Bucharest are of the opinion that, if they implement the Big Brother system detailed above, there are great chances that our country will be accepted significantly easier in the Visa Waiver Program. Not the other way around, but the other option is for the threshold for refusing visa applications from Romanians to fall below 3%, and the chances of this happening are very small. Currently, it is hovering around the 10% threshold.

“During the consultations with the USA on Romania’s accession to the Visa Waiver Program (PVW), the American side advanced the proposal for the implementation by the Romanian authorities of the ATS-G (Automated Targeting System – Global) program, as a means of combating cross-border crime and other threats to border security, including terrorism. Although the implementation of ATS-G is not officially considered a condition for the admission of our country to PVW, in the opinion of the USA, the approach would contribute to solving several issues related to passenger screening, a criterion for access to the program “, the document states. quoted by Profit.ro.

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