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Russia, eternal liberator with a boot on her neck


The countries that have always wanted to be neutral have also come to realize how dangerous the Russian Federation, led by a fanatic, is.

It seems that Switzerland is also seriously considering joining NATO, after Finland does everything possible to speed up the procedures for joining the North Atlantic Alliance.

We have seen again what Russia’s policy is, how it wants to attract its partners: through terror, through aggression.

As soon as Finland took the first step towards joining NATO, the Russian Federation acted with a boot, cutting off the supply of gas and electricity.

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It should be noted that the West has not reacted too harshly to this gesture by Russia, which is even endangering the lives of the Finnish people.

For those who still wonder why so many European countries are desperate for an alliance with the US and decline any alliance with Russia, the way the Kremlin is acting is the best answer.

Russia, at least Putin, does not want allies, but obedient subjects.

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